Please feel free to leave a few comments to Jason; he loves reading them. Whether it’s a few sentences or a novel, from how you enjoyed the latest performance to your thoughts about his recordings, to following up on a previous conversation at a show, your comments are always appreciated!


101 responses to “Guestbook

  1. You cannot imagine how much we have enjoyed your music… We are worried about Blue Street changing but will always be looking for you.

    It was good to see you at Eureka, and this is a very nice Website…We have had the CD for some time and it is good.

    Wishing you the very best.

  2. Jason, hey!
    Thanks for another great festival in Eureka. It was awesome to see you again.

    You sing! Who knew?!

    G’luck with your final term in school and your recital. I cannot fathom you doing anything less than stellar.

    Be well. Sincere(ly), Alison

  3. Hi Jason,

    We met at Lincoln Hills (you were playing with Bob Draga)and you gave me this website…
    Thanks for being so talented and charming…can’t wait to get the CD..just ordered it. Looking forward to seeing you again … at the Sacto Jazz Jubilee!

  4. Jason, I was just at CDBaby and as the song Nature Boy is a song I just love I had to give you a listen, I must say, Your voice is very good. I will be buying your CD very soon. If you have time hit my web at I am just getting my CD out. Anyway, just had to say how I liked your CD. Thanks. Tim

  5. Hey Jason! It’s so awesome to Google your name and see a page full of links to you! I’m glad you’re doing so well. We need to catch up sometime, you know how to get ahold of me…

  6. “Saw” you at three sets at the 2006 Sun Valley, Idaho Jazz festival and I was very impressed with your talents. I studied piano for four years (and violin for seven years) and while I had skills and talents musically, they aren’t anything like yours. ANYWAY, I encourage you to keep on keeping on because you not only have musical skills (and of course talent) but what you have can bring joy to … um errr … the “world” and that’s something very worthwhile πŸ™‚ 😐

    Very very best,


  7. Caught you at the Medford, Oregon Jazz Festival. Best pianist I’ve seen, and I have had the pleasure of seeing other professional classical pianists. You have a great talent. We look forward to seeing you again.

  8. Hey Jason!

    I like the new site! My goodness you are one busy popular guy! Look at all the women who write you!! πŸ™‚ You’re like a rock star! Congratulations on all your hard work and success. You are wonderfully talented and all the best in your future endeavors, my friend.
    Keep that swing, baby,

  9. neciebugs has raved about you so much, i thought i’d come check you out over here, too πŸ™‚
    add me to yourspace, b/c every time i ask, you don’t do it :-/ great jell-o song – she sounds so cute on it πŸ˜‰
    keep making her smile by whatever it is you’re doing!!!!!! love your work, noura

  10. Jason,

    Am a Blue Street and Jason Wanner fan. Heard you do a duet with Forrest Helmick of “How Great Thou Art” at the Rewood Jazz Festival in Eureka 2005. It was one of the most moving and beautiful things I have ever heard. Do you have that on CD anywhere? Love your stuff.

  11. very nice music. Nice pictures. Keep on the good work Jason. Wow Its amazing how u managed to play all the pieces of music and going crazy studyin and playin to perfom good.

    Your old Friend from long time ago the -BELL PLAYER- not sure if you still remember me. GOD BLESS YOU!

  12. Woo Hoo! Love your new site…soo cool. We miss hearing you play up here in the land of Igloos and dog sleds. See you in Sun Valley!

  13. Jason,
    We like the looks of your new website. Sounds as if you are keeping busy. Too bad we can’t make it to your snooty concert!!!See you in Sun Valley.

  14. You rock, Lil J!
    I’m so proud that I know you…
    I hope you’ll remember me when you’re at the big time! Which won’t be very far away now!
    Kudos to your spiffy new site… love the green

  15. I love the new site, and the photo page is really well thought out! Hope to see youi perform next week at 3 Rivers! If not Sac Jazz Jubilee most definitlee. Your music is an inspiration and brings sunshine to my life! –Of course it pales in comparison to the person that you are!

  16. Hey Jason – this new site is much cooler than the other one – and more easy to figure out πŸ™‚ Great work
    – Annie

  17. Hey Lil J. I was just looking at your webpage and thought I would stop by and say hi. I can’t hardley wait to see you again. I am very excited about Monterey. I am looking foward to meeting everyone that I am going to meet and see all my old friends. I know I will get through Monterey this year. It is going to be a blast. See you soon. Take care! πŸ˜€

  18. πŸ™‚ Hi Jason, Guess what? One of your students from Mammoth is in my class, and we just figured that out today! See I was playing your CD during class, while the kids were working, and Maya says, “Hey, I know him!”
    She wants me to tell you a big hello and has told the class what a great teacher you are.

  19. Wow…thats all I can really say! First there was Dean Martin…then there was Michael Buble….now there’s you! You have an awesome talent! Keep playing and I promise the next paycheck I get I am buying your CD!!!

    I love your music and I’m glad there are others out there who apprenciate crooners as much as I do!

    Good luck with everything!!!!


  20. Jason,

    Just discovered today that you have a new album out. Just got it on iTunes! Pretty cool. Makes me remember the days we played together in Crushed Red Pepper! I kinda miss those days since I haven’t played much since. Something I regret very much. Sounds like things are going well for you. Good Luck!

  21. JASON! I missed you so much! I’m totally bummed I didn’t get to be in the camp and be part of (wait for it) BONEDUST!!!! But it was great seeing and hearing you. I can’t wait to get your CD! Talk to you later!

  22. Hi Jason,
    Pulled up carpet all day today, and listening to your CD got me through it. I think I pulled up a zillion or so staples and nails….
    But your music made the day fly by.
    Have fun in Mammoth!

  23. Hey Jason!

    Great site buddy! I like it a lot! I haven’t got the CD yet, but I’m sure its the greatest!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me anytime to see how you’re doing! How was the cruise?? I hope you are having a great summer and hope to see ya soon. Miss ya lots!!!


  24. Jason – Your new CD is the greatest. I’ve bought extras to give to my friends. Thanks for terrific music ! ! ! Jerry

  25. Hey Buddy!

    Well, you did it! Congratulations on your new CD and web site! I wanted to make sure to check out your site as I know how excited you are about all of this. The site is fantastic. I haven’t bought the CD yet but I can only imagine how brilliant it is. You sounded so good at the Professors set in Old Sac. You must have had a ball at the Jubilee with all of those guys as well as the wonderful Blue Street band. I am so happy for you and wish you all the success with your new CD!

    Bye for now,

  26. πŸ˜€ Hi Jason,
    I’m in love with this CD! What a huge endeavor and it’s supreme! The words to your tunes are awesome. Maybe the closet singer has come out to stay. Good vocals, touching feeling.
    Cottontail is so much fun. I think my favorite is Chelsea Bridge, but that was a hard decision. Every cut is great. Love, Victoria

  27. hey dude!
    molly sent along news of your cd – congratulations on finally finishing! it’s sure been a while since we’ve seen each other, but someday… have a great time this summer on all your adventures. you should post some pictures you’ve taken from the places you’ve gone. i’d love to see your photography! i can’t wait to hear your cd, and singing! i never knew you did! now that’s exciting! looking forward to another mountain music adventure,

  28. Hey Jason,

    It has been a long time since I last saw you. And sadly, I don’t think Emily and I will be making it to Helena or Sun Valley this year. It is good to see the CD is finally done and I am excited to listen to it. Best of luck with the sales, although I am sure you won’t have any trouble.


  29. Hey Jason!

    So cool!!! Can’t wait until Jubilee to get one! We’ll be selling for Blue Street, along with Rich. Be sure and bring lots of CD’s. They will really sell. People have been asking for them for a LONG time! Can’t wait to see you!!

    Luv You!!
    Bonnie and Bob

  30. Hidyho Jason…

    I will be defiently ordering the cd… as the clips sound me hooked in…

    Can’t wait to see you in Jazz Jubillee..


  31. πŸ˜€ Hi there, Jason. We are so very happy that you have this new CD. We just purchased “Nature Boy” and can’t wait to play it and again enjoy the talent in your musical moods. God Bless you in your career and keep you focused. You are uplifting to others even when you are down.
    See you in Sacramento. Irene

  32. I’m so proud of you, Jason! You’ve really come a long way. I wish the best of luck to you in the future! May God bless you with 80 more years of performing! I really miss hearing you play in person, but I listen to your CDs all the time, and it’s almost as good. May you sell lots of new CDs, and make sure you let me know when the next one comes out.

    With love,

    Sarah Standley

  33. Hi Jason,

    I have attended the past two jazz festivals in Sun Valley, Idaho and have fully enjoyed your piano playing. πŸ™‚

  34. hey jason, great website, great sounds, niiiiiiice vocals dude, and drop dead handsome on that cover photo! i’m very happy for you, what a great feeling to accomplish this. your future looks bright ~ better get some sunglasses everyone! cheers and more cheers, and a toast with some Ten!
    -karen m.

  35. πŸ˜€ GOOD LUCK WITH NATURE BOY~ May it bring you abounding joy and success. Cant wait til its done and I can have copy…

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