Well my Verizon contract finally ended, so Denise and I decided that it was time to make the switch to AT&T!  I have been playing around with an orphan iPhone that I received and am going to give to my mom, so she can be uber-cool at work (thanks Bobbie!!)… And I like the way it all fits together. Sooooo many apps!! My KRZR phone was falling apart anyway, and it was just so slow. And don’t get me wrong, Verizon has great coverage, but c’mon!! They barely let you do anything with your phone besides make calls and text… anything else requires a premium, or tons and tons of small programs to do each specific task, that, by the way, are NOT Mac-Compatible! It was a huge pain just to make sure that my contacts on my computer and the ones on my phone were the same. What a waste of time having to add contacts twice! I didn’t even BOTHER with the calendar function on my Verizon phone… even ringtones were near impossible to put on… why should I have to pay for ringtones that I created myself? Seriously!!

Now that is all a thing of the past.  Denise and I are thrilled! The iPhone works perfectly in sync with our Macs! Add a new contact or calendar event on one, and the other is updated automatically. Plus I can listen to music on it, get directions, check my email, and stay in touch with my website! This is going to be an invaluable tool! I can’t wait to find out what’s possible with it! Plus I hear there’s an app you can get for it that would get me out of plenty of sticky situations… the app creates a fake call to your phone, so you can say “I have to take this, gotta go!”  I think I’ll get that and make Steve Jobs himself call me!! Excuse me, I have some playing to do! That’s all for now….