Please feel free to leave a few comments to Jason; he loves reading them. Whether it’s a few sentences or a novel, from how you enjoyed the latest performance to your thoughts about his recordings, to following up on a previous conversation at a show, your comments are always appreciated!


101 responses to “Guestbook

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I celebrated my 83rd birthday listening to the recording of your University recital CD and it made my day. Peace, Bill

  2. Jason, I wanted to thank you again for our set on Saturday. You have no idea how much it all meant to me. You were so kind and supportive and sweet. I had every intention of quitting for good after the Jazz Bash. I felt like I had lost it and really no longer found any more joy in playing. I had told nearly everyone that I was done for good, but our set and your kindness has changed my mind. I had so much fun. It was great hearing you. You are really terrific. Keep up the good work and maybe we’ll see each other again. MARK ALLEN JONES

  3. Hello Jason,

    It is a true pleasure to watch and listen to you perform! My father and I have been celebrating his birthday with an annual trip to a jazz festival for over a decade and have thoroughly enjoyed all of your sets (from the Orange County Classic Jazz Festival and now the Hot Jazz Jubilee). Know that you are offering a generous gift to all who listen to your skillful work (and play).

    With much gratitude,

    • Hi Gayle,

      Thank you so very much for your appreciation. It always means a lot to me when people respond so sweetly to something I happened to create. Thank you thank you. Unfortunately, there is no sheet music available for the tune. I tend to write songs in lead sheet form, and by hand. But if I ever manage to get it digitized, I will email you a copy. Thanks again!

  4. HI Jason,

    I am writing this from Medford Oregon, where I saw you several times at our Southern Oregon Music Festival this last week. You played well with so many different groups! The quartet with Bob Draga was a gift. Wow. And the couple dancing up front at that gig were amazing. Sexy and real without slime trails of jaded show-offyness.

    But this is not just a fan letter. What I’d like to know is how you teach (lead, help, interact with…) people so they learn to improvise. Have you written it out before? Can you send me to sources you’ve found valuable? Camps? Whatever resources come to mind.

    I would appreciate your view.

    Thanks for your music,


    Dave O

  5. Not knowing anything about you I just listened to your CD, “Nature Boy”, today and found out that you also sing! Considering how much I hate male singers in general, I do enjoy your voice very much and of course your piano. I am really glad to find you. Keep playing and singing. Thank you!

  6. Hello, Jason: I enjoyed your music very much. I have transcribed two of your arrangements, Old Man River and if I Only Had a brain. If you would like to see the transcriptions, email me at I am a composer and just finished producing an instrumental light jazz CD called Reflections.

  7. Hi Jason,
    We talked after your last set on Sunday at the San Diego Jazz Fest. You signed my music stand. I felt our discussion was very edifying, and were excellent parting thoughts for an intensively musical weekend. I have been thinking about how I want to direct my time and development as a pianist since then, particularly with regards to jazz piano. I play primarily classical music, and the two jazz(y) pieces I have learned, “After You’ve Gone,” and “Bethena,” I’ve done solely from the sheets. I get the sense that I’m not going to be as a jazz pianist from memorizing sheets, as to me it’s still a combination of muscle memory and telling myself “this note goes after this one.” In other words, learning the pieces don’t seem to also be building an intuitive syntax for me. When you spoke of jazz as a language in which one develops fluency, such that one can speak (improvise) with facility, how does one best develop that fluency?

    Also, can we correspond via email?


  8. I am a musician also. Not too long ago, I was playing a job in San Diego on clarinet and sax. You were playing a single nearby, and I got to hear you play for a few minutes. I wanted to jump up and play along, but I knew better. Looking forward to hearing you play again! Keep playing over the top!

  9. Jason,

    I just returned from the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree, my first time attending. It was an exciting 3 packed days of wonderful Jazz. I watched you perform 3 different sets and was enthralled with your music. It seemed like life stood still when you were playing Old Man River in the Lodge Dining Room while watching the fall leaves floating to the ground behind you through the windows. Your touch is incredible. I hope to have the opportunity to see you perform again. Keep it going, you have a wonderful future ahead. Lynn from Salt Lake

  10. Hello Jason 🙂

    Even though I’m not one of your musician friends I had to come sign in. Waiting to hear how the competition turns out. Good luck 🙂

  11. Hello Jason!

    Your songs, along with many others from the Professors, are helping me get through the hole I feel after I left 2012 Youth Trad Camp. I wish I could run and hug you in person, but I am too far away. Are there music sheets for the songs “It’s All Over Now” and “You’re the Only One (the Jell-o Song)”? If there are where could I get them?

    Thanks and take care!!

    • Hello Band 6 Pianist! 😉 I share your sentiment about camp. I miss it too. I do have lead sheet copies of those tunes somewhere. I’ll try to find them, and I’ll send them to you when I do.

  12. Jason Wanner is a very tasteful, highly accomplished musician. His sense of harmony and rhythm are rare gifts.
    As a singer, I’ve had the privilege to be accompanied by him in a trio setting, which was absolutely sublime. I felt like he could read my thoughts and musical direction at any given moment, because he listens so deeply and thoroughly. Every note was supported with amazing art. The art of accompaniment is all but lost these days, but Jason has a mastery of it.
    He is overall an excellent musician: pianist, teacher, composer, and singer. Plus he’s such a nice guy.

    • Oh my gosh, Melissa! Those are probably the kindest words anyone has ever written to me! You are an absolute jewel of a musician, and are loved by all who have the privilege of working with you, including me. When are we going to work together again? I’m game!

  13. LOVED reading your Bio! The part you mentioned about HATING to practice but rather play Peanuts music… made me literally laugh out loud! I so remember hearing your mom “nag” you or rather lovingly push you, to practice. But I always voted for the Peanuts song too! I still think of you EVERY time I hear that song =) Way to go Jason!! Love always, your friend and fan for life!!!!!

    • I remember that very vividly. It makes me laugh when I think of it too. One funny thing was that as I got older and practiced more, Mom would get ticked at having to here the same two measures over and over again! She’d say, “Can’t you just move on to the next part!?”

  14. Hey its sam schwab from camp. just thanking you again for every thing you did to help me with my playing.

    Thanks so much
    Sam Schwab

  15. What was the name of that Duke Ellington tune you played at the Crest with Bob Draga?
    I was mesmerized!

  16. We have enjoyed your performances for over a decade. It has been a treat to observe your growth into one of the top Jazz pianist

  17. Hey Jason.
    I live in Arcata, CA and had the pleasure of watching you play at the Redwood Coast Dixieland Jazz Festival with Blue Street. I was captivated. I hope to see you play again one day.

  18. Hi, my name’s Jenny and I was friend’s with Emily since elementary school. I listened to your clip of your song for her, and I just wanted to say how truly wonderful it was. It’s so beautiful and really reminds me so much of what a wonderful person she was. I guess I just wanted to say thanks. Your song really brought back a lot of really great memories of her.

  19. cool Myspace! Love the photo collage! You must come by and see our babies. Of course they are incredibly musical, loving, and beautiful! Where the heck are you these days?

  20. Great listening to your playing at Sun Valley. Will have to check your calendar so I’ll have the pleasure again soon.

  21. Hey Jason,
    Whats the word?
    Just swingin’ by to say hi. My mama and I will be in Sisters this year…see you then!

  22. I attended the STJS adult camp this year as a Clarinet player. The whole experience was great, but one of the highlights was watching your great piano playing with the Professors, and the great support for the vocalists. Put me on your e-mail list.

  23. Hi jason! Great job at jubilee! It was so awesome that you sat in with us! OH btw its alyssa, the little clarinet player from the sea monkeys that is always around tanya…. lol. Cant wait to see you at camp!

  24. Hi Jason,
    Sorry we didn’t make it to your recital. Surely it was fabulous. Congratulations! Perhaps we will catch up with you sometime at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee this year!

  25. Best of luck on your concert tomorrow from an old STJS Jazz Camp friend. My folks keep me posted on you success after running into you a various jubilees – they sent me you CD too! Bravo!

  26. Jason, I love ya and congratulations, you know the Miss Idahos , so look forward to meeting you. You are the best… Love De, Idaho

  27. Good luck with the upcoming Senior Recital! Please let everyone know if it indeed ends up on that date! Take care.

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