Inside my head…

During the day, I can often be found sitting at my mac. This is the area where I go off on my tangents. It could be either the most interesting (wacko?) spot on the site, or the most dreary, dull, and tedious, depending on the given day. My head is a proverbial storage shelf. Some days, you will get meaningful words that really matter, while other days you will get the cobwebs I’m trying to clear out. Either way it will be fun. If you like the blog, then well… “Like” it! Also, you can subscribe to it by clicking on the little “+Follow” button. If you don’t like it, then tell everyone you hate to come here and click on the “+Follow” button for you.


One response to “About

  1. Hi Jason,
    I really enjoyed your review of Les Miserables. Please look up Duane Hampton at Hampton School of Music, Redding on-line. He’s presenting again this year “A Touch of Classical Piano” as the Cascade Theater (seats 1000) on March 16, and two of his best performers had to cancel. One dislocated his shoulder, the other
    is unable to come from England.
    I didn’t know if you would be up visiting your family near that time and could do him the favor of filling in for 20 minutes. I steered him to your website, and he may think you way beyond asking such a favor. Your website is fantastic!
    Victoria just thought she might catch a glimpse of you and Denise if you came up
    this way. Mr Hampton has a place for you to stay if you come up.
    At any rate, I would like to subscribe to your blog. Sounds like Bavaria
    was lovely too. Can you give me your phone number, in case the eminent Mr.
    Hampton wants to call you? Do you ever do classical gigs? I’m acquainted with
    both the Shasta Symphony Director and the Northstate Symphony Director, both
    of whom are not ten years older than you, and phenomenal people to know. I’ve enjoyed following the classical music, (my true love), and find it to be of superior quality in Redding. Would you ever consider soloing with a symphony orchestra?
    Duane Hampton would be a door opener for that if you have any interest.
    My love to you and Denise. I’m truly at home and loving Redding, Victoria

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