Updating the Site a Bit…..

Yup, it’s true… It’s been a long time since an update. A whole lot has happened, but not a lot has changed. I have since found a very interesting way to keep track of my goings-on with little pictures and text-snippets. Thanks to a little doo-dad called “Whrrl”, I have been able to allow you all to track me via FaceBook and Twitter. However, I haven’t been hipping you all to it on the website, so I’ve decided to add a bunch to the blog. You can check out my adventures over the past year or so, and there are even more on my Whrrl Profile. I only wanted to include relevant events on the site, so if you want to check out the other stuff, click the link. The best part about it is that other people who are there can add their side of the story, so someimtes not only will you get my words, but others’ as well.

Anyway, it’s been a fun year. I’ve been living in a brand new condo here in San Diego since June 2009, thanks to my amazing girlfriend, Denise (starving artists like me can’t accomplish such tasks without people like her). I lost my grandmother in March, right before her 92nd birthday. She was a fantastic woman, about whom I am still finding out many things. Let’s see, the Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival up in Sacramento had me as its featured guest in February, and through the very serious pressure of my words from the stage, I managed to get another young group of musicians visible on the Jazz Circuit. Check them out at their snazzy website!

I’ve also been pondering putting together a video podcast of beginning jazz piano lessons on the site and for YouTube. It will have to wait a little while, but hopefully I can tackle that in the Fall. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment below.

The usual suspects of festivals were in full swing again this year. Check the rest of the blog entries for that. Another interesting thing in my world also happened this year: Bob Draga left the Titan Hot Seven, and is striking out on his own. Guess who he brought with him to Victoria, BC? ME! 🙂 Hope he keeps calling me, because I had a great time there.

Did I mention that Disneyland laid me off in March? Well they did. It’s really too bad, as I would have loved to have done some work for them. As a sub I was inactive because no one was subbing out. I guess it costs them too much money to have someone on their system that they aren’t paying. Huh?

What else…. Oh Molly Ringwald came back to the Sacramento Jubilee this year. I went to talk to her, and she actually remembered me from when she subbed for the singer in my camp band years ago. She’s really cool, and just wrote a new book called Getting the Pretty Back. It’s probably not my kind of a read, but I had to buy one in order to go up and talk to her. It really is unbelievable how famous people are pinned down by the people surrounding them. I’m sure that she and I would have had plenty to talk about, but due to her entourage there was no way it could have happened. I don’t think I would ever want that for myself, as it would take all the fun out of being well-known. The only reason I would want to be well-known is so that I could connect with lots of people, and if that’s not a possibility….. no thank you.

All in all, it’s been a great year so far, and right now, I’m looking forward to teaching kids for a week up at Mammoth, and then for 2 weeks up at my 2nd home, Sly Park. Hope to see you all around the horn! Bye Bye for now….. Oh and don’t forget to leave comments!