Today has been both rough and exhilarating. It is the day I finally left Sacramento to pursue my life in Southern California. It was a long drive, and I’ve felt more rushes of different emotions than I can describe. I’m going to miss the old place, and all the things that have happened to me there over the last 30 years, but it’s time for a change. I’ll still be back to visit often, and it’s really not THAT far away.

My future is in SoCal, where my girlfriend, Denise, and I can start building OUR future. She’s going to be a great teacher, and I am going to try my hand at the San Diego and L.A. gig scene. But all in all, we will be there for each other, which is what everyone needs most! I’m not afraid… she makes it easy not to be.

As a musician, I believe that I’ll be leading my usual dual-life for a while, since I still have important gigs up in Sacramento that happen often enough. And there’s Jazz Camp this summer of course, which I’m super excited about! All in all, the unknown is not scary, it has drawn me into it, and I go willingly. With my best friend by my side, I know that we’ll make our own unique way in this world, and that no matter what happens, it will be fantastic.

Thank you to all who have given me such wonderful memories back home! And thank you Denise, for being so encouraging to me to step off the edge and make some history with you!

That’s all for now!