I’m so exhausted!!

My girlfriend, her kids, and I have spent this week moving into a new place. They have all been living in a 3 bedroom apartment since before I moved in with them, and with the new lease coming up, it seemed like a great idea to upgrade to a 3-story townhouse! So we did.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted and sore in my life! Since we were only moving to another spot in the same complex, we decided to move everything ourselves with a little help from friends. Well, distance may not have been a factor, but multiple flights of stairs definitely is one. I can barely move enough to type this blog, and everything keeps throbbing and twitching! I’m soooo loving the new place though.  Even though I was cursing those flights of stairs when we were moving stuff, those stairs certainly give us all some sanctuary. No longer do we have to live on top of each other in the same story!

I just hope all this soreness heals before I have to go play again!

That’s all for now!