Greetings from Bavaria

Finally got some rest here in Germany. I think I’m starting to recover from the jet lag. However, it seems to keep coming back now and then. Immediately after we arrived yesterday, I thought I was going to die of exhaustion. I got very little sleep on the flight, and to top things off, it took forever to get everyone together in order to move on to our hotel. We arrived at 7:30am, but we had to wait around until about 1pm before we could go anywhere. The main reason for this was that our tour guides were actually arriving after us. They were not already waiting for us like a professional would be. Anyway, we are here, and things are much better today. The food is good, and the beer is great!

Today we visited the Farmer’s Museum in Amerang. It was really quite interesting because it celebrates 500 years of farming, an amount of time that would be very foreign to even the oldest and most experienced American. It was amazing to find out that 500 years ago, people lived in conditions where in order to heat your house, you needed to light a fire inside the house, but that the materials used to hold the fire were made of wood. Essentially, a wooden fireplace! To keep fires from burning down the house, they coated the wood with mud. On top of all of this, there was no such thing as a chimney, as it had not yet been invented. So you basically walked around inhaling smoke all over the house. It’s a wonder that there are descendants of these people! They must have been very strong!

However, in all of this, as time marched on, technology, however crude, made people’s lives better. That was its goal. And even now I couldn’t say that I would have been brilliant enough to even think of the crude advancements that were made way back then. It took a certain kind of brilliance, which was probably pretty rare then as well.

Overall, it showed me that the point of advancing technology has always been the same: It exists to make our lives easier. And so we should never be afraid of it.

Well, we just got done playing a two-set night, and we have to leave tomorrow at 9:30 to go for a lake cruise and look at castles! Ah Europe! Good night!


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